Investing in Innovative Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Christabel Brownson

The Just concluded 2020 Edition of Akwa Ibom Entrepreneurship Conference attracted many Professionals and Top Industry Leads. One among them is Dr. Christabel Brownson who delivered a lecture on “Investing in Innovative Entrepreneurial Opportunities”.

Here are the excerpts below:

  1. If your business is not selling, rethink your innovation.
  2. If your innovation is not selling, rethink the need you are addressing.
  3. If your business is not making profit, re-innovate your products or services.
  4. If you cease to innovate, you cease to be an entrepreneur.
  5. You don’t have any business being in business if you don’t have a need to address.

This session was impactful and an eye opener to budding entrepreneurs.

To download her full Lecture Notes – Click here (Power Point Slides – 220kb)

Emmanuel Inyang
Holds a B.Eng (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering from Akwa Ibom State Univeristy, Mkpat Enin and has worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for about eight years. He is a community organizer, youth development advocate, social/public policy analyst and philanthropist.