Extracts from Prof. Otoabasi Akpan’s lecture on “Harnessing Globalization for Business Sustainability”

The Just concluded 2020 Edition of Akwa Ibom Entrepreneurship Conference attracted many Professionals and Top Industry Leads. One among them is Prof. Otoabasi Akpan who delivered a lecture on “Harnessing Globalization for Business Sustainability.

Below are the extracts of the lecture:

  1. Businesses in the new world, especially startups must have visions to be achieved within the short term, medium-term and the long-term periods.
  2. Business leaders in the globalized world must have real courage – the courage to face the uncertain, the courage to fail fast and the courage to change course when the situation calls for a new strategy.
  3. Focus is the key for businesses in a highly globalized world, which is full of change and the need for adaptation.
  4. With the right clientele base, and generally people, which are assets of businesses, and with the right combination of essential leadership qualities and highlights of harnessing globalization, business sustainability can never be a science but every art instead.
  5. In the new globalized business world, leaders should have the capacities to strike a balance between confidence and humility. This means that they have to see themselves facilitators, partners and collaborators than anything else.
  6. The business leaders must have the knack to be able to read what most persons cannot easily read. This is the unique human skill of intuition.
  7. Business sustainability in a globalized environment points towards innovative and flexible poles.
  8. Competition and sustainability are mutually reinforcing concepts and therefore, the general interest is to create conditions and to adopt optimal solutions that can help Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to thrive.
  9. A new technology comes with ethical questions and businesses with technology will therefore need to be able to build trust with customers, employees and several stakeholders. This will become quite significant, especially in times of uncertainty, change or failure.

To download his full Lecture Notes – Click here (Word Document – 48.2kb)

Professor Otoabasi Akpan is a Professor of History of Ideas and International Security Studies which span such sub-fields as International History and Conflict/ Intelligence/ Diplomatic /Defence /Peace/ Security and Strategic Studies. He has more than 100 publications made up of articles in referred Journals, Book Chapters and Books which reflect the sub-fields.

Emmanuel Inyang
Holds a B.Eng (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering from Akwa Ibom State Univeristy, Mkpat Enin and has worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for about eight years. He is a community organizer, youth development advocate, social/public policy analyst and philanthropist.