Meet/Greet Team of Emmanuel Inyang Foundation visits Oduduobong of Papzeshoes and others

Today, the session started with a visit to Oduduobong Papze Ndiok of “Papzeshoes at 57 Itu road, Uyo near Scripture Union house. Oduduobong, a graduate of Nautical science from the Maritime Academy, Oron runs a shoe-making enterprise.

With passion & consistency, Oduduobong is succeeding in the shoe-making industry. His shoes quality and durability matches those of any big shoe brand we could think of. The Papzeshoes are made to be durable, water resistant, provide extra-protection, fit-better, provide comfort, easy to clean, stylish, eco-friendly & smells good.

Oduduobong’s passion for shoe-making is resilient and his zeal to contribute meaningfully to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Akwa Ibom State is really commendable. Currently, Papze-shoes engages in training young people to be self sufficient in the skills of shoe-making and the head count at the shoe-making workshop showed fifteen (15) youths are undergoing training to be self-sufficient.

Thereafter, the team departed to Unique Farm at Ediene Abak, where we met with its founder; Rev. Fr. Daniel Inyangetoh; a Catholic priest and an agriculturist, who despite being saddled with huge ecclesiastical responsibilities, has ventured into agriculture, because of his firm believe in the benefits agriculture offer and as a priest to feed his followers with proceeds from the farm.

Fr. Inyangetoh took us on a 360 degree tour of his farm. The priest cum agriculturist plants cucumber, pepper, garden egg on his farm and also engages in fish farming.

Today, the team learnt the concept of mixed cropping as practiced in “Unique farm” where Fr. Inyangetoh plants cucumber and pepper on the same bed and they’re growing well.

Fr. Inyangetoh also explained the concept of planting using “bags” where there’s scarcity of land for agriculture. Lectures on farm farming were also interesting. The team benefited from the wealth of experience Fr. Inyangetoh has during the Meet/Greet Entreprenuer session. The session was really educating. Fr. Inyangetoh engages in training of persons who are passionate about agriculture and mentors them until the attain a level of confidence to run/manage their farms.

The entrepreneurial story of Fr. Inyangetoh is really captivating and we encourage youths and aspiring entrepreneurs to attend the “Akwa Ibom Entrepreneurship” conference on October 24, 2020 at Watbridge hotel to hear Fr. Inyangetoh share his story.


Emmanuel Inyang (Facilitator – Meet/Greet Entrepreneurs

Emmanuel Inyang
Holds a B.Eng (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering from Akwa Ibom State Univeristy, Mkpat Enin and has worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for about eight years. He is a community organizer, youth development advocate, social/public policy analyst and philanthropist.