About EI Foundation

Emmanuel Inyang Foundation is centered on driving human capital development through encouraging persons to engage in trade & skill acquisition. The Foundation hopes to achieve this goal by engaging persons in entrepreneurship by hosting conferences, seminars & summits.

It also aims to organize capacity building workshop and skills acquisition training where persons will be trained and empowered to start a small/medium scale enterprises. The Foundation also aims to drive educational empowerment and engage students by organizing study sessions and provide textbooks to broaden their intellectual capacity. Learn More.

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Values

To work voluntarily for the benefit of the Individuals and Communities, making the necessary efforts in educational and business service areas to achieve the restoration of self-reliance and competitive entrepreneurial environments that will earn matchless international reputation.

God is our source of Inspiration and we are committed to serve with digilence, divine love and unwavering focus.

To fund the establishment of 3,000 Businesses by the end of 2050 in Akwa Ibom State and beyond.

With God by our side, we will attain this goal.

We believe that God has called and inspired us in this Ministry.
We believe that ideas govern the universe.
We are passionate in identification and funding of feasible business ideas.
We believe that every Akwa Ibom child with ideas without startup capital should be supported.
We embrace transparency, fairness and honesty in our selection and funding processes.

We will do all these cheerfully because our focus is Humanity.

Specific Tenets

We are an Instrument of Growth. We emphasize Entrepreneurial Growth and Hope for the less privileged.

We contribute to the integral Development of the State and Country at large.

We identify Entrepreneurs with feasible ideas and stage programmes to aid their growth.

We also help budding entrepreneurs to find footing in the society by staging programmes that is relevant to their niche.

Educational Interventions

We offer a wide range of Educational Intervention Programmes multiple times a year. This include but not limited to study grants, provision of study materials for students and rural interventions.


Individuals, Businesses and Communities we have impacted in the past are grateful for our many Humanitarian Services.

These are some of the views they hold towards Emmanuel Inyang Foundation.